The Engineering Physics Program is administered by the Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences. The counseling office is located in the Cooley Building, North Campus. Counseling appointments should be arranged through Michelle Sonderman, Undergraduate Academic Advisor/Counselor, 1919 Cooley Building (phone: 936-3130 or e-mail:

Michelle Sonderman, Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences

1919 Cooley Bldg

(734) 936-3130

Prof. Bradford Orr, Counselor

Physics Department

1049 Randall Laboratory

(734) 936-3609

Prof. Michael Atzmon, Faculty Program Advisor

Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences

2933 Cooley Bldg

(734) 764-6888

Do not hesitate to contact the academic advisor, counselors or program advisor if you have any questions or need assistance.